The music playlists of dictators and despots past and present. Because even megalomaniacs need to chill to some tunes from time to time. Contains humorous dictator biographies, Spotify playlists, news, videos and even a dictator gift shop.
When he isn't overseeing the murder of his own people, Bashar al-Assad likes to boogie on down to Right Said Fred and Chris Brown with his pretty UK-educated wife Emma (Asma in Arabic). Osama bin Laden kept a Sudanese poet as a sex slave, and made her dance to Van Halen and the B-52's hit Rock Lobster. "Dance like a Caucasoid girl!" he would say. Then he'd go and plan the downfall of the West.

Osama bin Laden, chilling

Robert Mugabe digs "the perenially wholesome" Cliff Richard (his words, not ours). Ramzan Kadyrov, who very humbly refers to himself as "King Ramzan", throws frequent lavish parties with A-list stars, in between bouts of (alleged) rape, torture and murder.

It turns out that everyone likes music, even dictators. And now, for the first time, with the magic of the Internet and the Spotify play button, you can enjoy the actual music listened to by tyrants as they killed, raged, tortured and shook their money makers. Oh yeah.

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